Tripping Over Ourselves

Your Radicals are leaving. No, not out of panic, in a hissy fit, or for good (sorry). We need to make this work and taking heed of advice that now is a period for calm reflection and taking the pulse of the nation… (don’t get political… Ed.) we’re off on a short trip to the North. Why on earth would you be interested in the movements of the Revolt? With Twitter we will never be far from local news and goings on and it would be as if we were in our living rooms, and I daresay you wouldn’t notice we were being intrepid had we not told you.

The Revolt has been irregularly reviewing local establishments since our inception and have decided it is quite good fun. What better then to combine a trip up to the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District with a bit of a culinary tour.

Those familiar with the 2010 Coogan/Brydon series ‘The Trip’ may see a parallel. This is absurd. The Revolt will tour only four of the six restaurants and in a different order. And our Michael Caine, Roger Moore, Richard Burton, et al. impressions are not as polished. We were inspired mind you, but when reviewing the route taken by Messers Coogan and Brydon and applying our well honed logistical skills (many a road trip has been planned before, and this one was done in the newly refurbished Red Lion on Shooters Hill Rd) we realised the route they chose was not the best way to do it. We are also pretty certain no-one else will have thought of doing this before, in the same way no-one will have shouted ‘I don’t believe it!’ when seeing Victor Meldrew actor Richard Wilson, or ‘You’re Fired!’ to Lord Sugar.

We’ll be packing the boot of the mini metro (be assured, it will be well packed) rather than a Range Rover and heading for the Inn at Whitewell in the Trough of Bowland first (admittedly this was the staging point for the other chaps too), staying at the rather fine sounding ‘Hark to Bounty’ in Slaidburn – cue Anthony Hopkins impressions from ‘Muting on the Bounty’ (god help us, Ed.).

From there the obvious way to go is on to Hipping Hall in the Yorkshire Dales for Sunday lunch, via a day trip on Saturday to Bolton Abbey (not, confusingly, anywhere near Bolton). Staying at The Pheasant just outside Kirkby Lonsdale.

Ambleside in the Lakes is next with lunch at Holbeck Ghyll on Monday. By this point your Radicals may be in a Roger Moore impression stand-off. A couple of nights at the Unicorn Inn.

The final stop will be Cartmel and L’Enclume, with a night at the Royal Oak Inn.

Routes have been planned in detail, packs prepared, tyres checked (kicked knowingly), and we’re almost ready for the off.

So, with apologies for the self-indulgence, you will no doubt see a few tweets and a write up of this trip.