Blight of Fly Tipping

The Revolt is becoming increasing annoyed and concerned about the amount of fly tipping in the area. Just this morning a mattress appeared in a favoured spot that was not there late last night so it seems to be time for a disgruntled post. There are certain spots, for example on Lee Park, that seem to be permanent hosts of other people’s mess. The Revolt will refrain from dwelling on the type of ignorant and selfish people who do this – in one incident your fearless Radical challenged a fly tipper who replied that the rubbish from a flat renovation kept being taken away and didn’t see a problem. It had to be explained that the reason it was disappearing was that your Radical had been reporting it as fly tipping. Other spots are used so regularly the Revolt can’t help but conclude that those responsible must be repeat offenders and given the near industrial scale of some dumps (three piece suites for example) possibly unscrupulous workmen. This is a blight for local people, some of whom will find something dumped almost on their doorstep or have to look at it when they open their curtains in the morning.

What can be done? With resources tight it seems that the council waste services just get on with the job and pick up the mess (they normally respond in a couple of days to a report). But is it that expensive to do a little digging to try and make an effort to find the culprits? When furniture etc. appears as a house nearby is being renovated or people are moving in or out there might be cause to ask the question. And on regularly blighted spots surveillance cameras might catch culprits too. People clearly know that they are doing wrong as most incidents occur overnight, and yes, they will just find a new spot to dump but if the risk of detection increases and life is made a bit harder for them it may make a difference.

Information on collection services (for a small fee) and the waste centre are on the council website, as are the tools for reporting fly tipping (this can be done anonymously). At the moment we can only be vigilant and ask the council to consider what more could be done to deter offending and prosecute the worst offenders.

One thought on “Blight of Fly Tipping

  1. I have found that if Ileave certain items outside my house, especially old electrical items, they disappear practically overnight. Someone is clearly collecting anything they might find useful.

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