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So, what do people think of this proposal?


You may not be surprised to hear that the Revolt is fairly relaxed.  Let’s see what Lewisham Council thinks.

UPDATE: Lewisham Council decision is in and – wait for it – the computer, sorry Council,  it say no

..what do you think?


Model Market Season 3 – we got it covered

IMG_1555It takes more than a bit of weather to deter your intrepid Radicals from keeping an engagement planned sometime in advance.  Especially when that engagement is now established as firm local favourite – the opening of Lewisham’s Model Market (see our reviews of the first and second season opening nights).  And so it was that we trudged to the Model Market for the start of its third season, with dark clouds over-head and new rivers forming alongside the Quaggy amongst the trenches and cones that now mark Lewisham.  Yes, it was bloody wet.

But that didn’t seem to deter people.  Like us, there were plenty of hardy hipsters who had made it out for the opening night and the weather only served to amplify the great atmosphere at the Model Market, as well as to provide a reminder of how much of the place is actually under-cover – including the High-Line Bar that opened last year and which provides great views on the rest of the market.  We managed to bag a banquette at the back and as each Radical and chum arrived it provided an effective base for forays to and from the bar and the extensive choice of food options.  In the end, the combination of the over-heard cover and gas heaters, and the permanently lit braziers, meant that it was all rather cosy – like urban camping.IMG_1562

And – finally 0n the weather, promise – the organisers, the excellent Street Feast (@StreetFeastLDN), had even provided umbrellas to keep the dampness at bay.  A nice touch.

So, what’s changed at the Model Market in season three?  A number of new food vendors to try, such as Club Mexicana (lovely looking burritos and the like), Hot Box (barbecue / smoked ribs) and SE Cookery (cookies and sweet things).  Plus familiar favourites such as Yum Bun, Rolla Wolla and Mother Flippers Burgers.  It was Mother Flippers that we looked to for our first round of grub and, to be honest, it was so filling that it pretty much finished us off.  Succulent, juicy beef burgers and equally appetising bean burgers (according to the two veggies in the group) with generous portions of fries.  Be warned, it’s not a pretty sight trying to eat the things, but well worth the mess.

Otherwise it’s very much as you were at the Model Market.  Winyl are once again providing the background music – which, if anything, was slightly more to our taste than last year.  The loos are, well, ‘real’.  The main bar is big, has at least one extra ale but otherwise is the same selection (of slightly pricey) beers, lagers and – very well received – cocktails.  First night nerves may explain the slightly erratic service behind the bar (some very friendly and efficient young bar staff plus some who seemed a bit overawed by the whole thing) but nothing to detract from the general vibe of the place, which is great.

If you’ve been before, and especially if you’ve never been, you really should take advantage of the Model Market over the course of the next 25 weekends that it is open.  The Revolt will be back and hopefully so will the fine weather.



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