Curzon Cinema at Goldsmiths

The Revolt heard on the old grapevine (well, over a bottle of one vintage or another…) that Curzon are opening a new cinema at Goldsmiths College in New Cross this Friday, 29 February: For cinema fans of all stripes the area is not well served. We have the excellent Picture House but that is up in Greenwich, or the multiplex’s at Greenwich and the O2 and up at Canary Wharf. But none are easily on the doorstep and require public transport or the risk of getting caught in a jam near the Sun in the Sands. Curzon will not solve this problem but New Cross is only a couple of stops down the line and the cinematic offerings from Curzon will add further variation to what is available in the area.

Before you think the Revolt has gone all art-house on you and believes the only cinema worth watching are French mime films made between April 1952 and June 1952, Curzon play a range of films. Your Radical rather likes Curzon Soho and in the past year has discovered the rather excellent Curzon Victoria where blockbusters like Star Wars, Spectre, or most recently The Revenant have been viewed as well as films like The Lunchbox, Force Majeure, and The Connection (okay, so this is a French film…).

As for a cinema a bit closer to home, there was talk about the prospect of a cinema in Lewisham town centre, either as part of the new development or from the company that owns the shopping centre. We stand, popcorn in hand, and await further news.

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