Cookery Nook

Latest on Cookery Nook which closes in just under a week – Thursday or Friday (28th / 29th) according to the current proprietor.


The sign outside the place suggests it has already been sold, by local favourite John Payne Estate Agents.  And the guy who runs it at the moment, and who has done so since 2000 (though it has been there since 1982), was somewhat cryptic when asked just now what would come in its place.  He did though confirm that it would not be:

– a restaurant;

– a hair dressers; or

– an estate agent.

By way of interest, he’s now preparing himself for an alternative career in property management but was extremely busy when this Radical was in their with the place full of people taking advantage of the closing down sale (20% off on all items).  If you’ve not yet been down there it’s well worth while as the place is a treasure trove of useful kitchen related items, and there are also some really good postcards of the local area to be had.

That it won’t be turning in to any of the above will probably be welcome news to most locals (though, this would probably depend on the exact type of establishment in the case of a new restaurant ).  But what it actually will become is a mystery to the Revolt, who have a proud history of tracking the recent changes in the village.  As at the time of writing there were no planning applications with Lewisham Council which might suggest now change of use class from the current one, or that we have a while to wait for what will replace the Nook.



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One thought on “Cookery Nook

  1. I heard it was going to be taken over by Topps Tiles (of all people) & turned into a boutique up market tile shop (another one 😔).

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