Blackheath Revolt hosts #blackheathhour – Monday 14th September 

Well done Blackheath – what a fun hour it was.  And thanks to Le Bouchon for keeping us well watered as we went along.  So, our summary of the main points raised during the hour is as follows:

– Sushi-gate rumbles on: a groundswell of support to do something about it, starting with a petition

– next year’s OnBlakheath: votes for more local artists and Duran Duran to perform ‘the Heath-flex’

– Grinidge Comedy Workshop launch next Monday, 7pm in the Greenwich Tavern

– a discussion of the location of bus stops (especially outside the Railway) and street clutter more generally.

See you all next week.  Oh, and look out for our post on this year’s OnBlackheath Festival.


This post comes to you live from backstage at the OnBlackheath festival, Sunday afternoon as the crowd braces for itself for headline act Madness (don’t worry Blackheath Society it’s not really madness on the Heath…).

Tomorrow evening the Revolt has the pleasure of hosting #blackheathhour

We hope to cover a number of (non-political) issues, potentially including but not exclusively the following:

– OnBlackheath: views, experiences (including Blackheath Society’s survey) and the very best unique festival photographs!

– what is happening with the empty units at the station?  And how about sushi-gate?

– who’s looking forward to the Blackheath fireworks?

– and other fascinating local issues.

We will be hosting from a venue – LIVE – dans le village (hint hint).

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