This past Monday saw the first ever #blackheathhour and what a thoroughly fun hour (or so) it was.  This is just the sort of thing that the Revolt supports and would like to see more of in and for the area.

It shows the area and its residents and businesses are dynamic, vibrant, enterprising and, most of all, ruddy hilarious (we particularly enjoyed the tweets of Mummy’s Gin Fund (@GinFund)).

And informative.  For example, we found out that the newly refurbished Blackheath Royal Standard (@RoyalStandardBH) has its pub quiz on a Monday – and putting aside the potential clash with #blackheathhour (oops, #awkward) the Revolt will be down there soon to check it out.  And that locally based @BedNBreakfasttt takes orders via Twitter – something else to check out, perhaps after the pub quiz.

If you didn’t take part last time, and also if you did, check out the next one: MONDAY, 8pm to 9pm.


And behind #blackheathhour there is a whole lot more locally based enterprise and innovation, specifically We Are SE3.  Local PR expert and all round good egg, Andrea Britton is driving this forward, building on all her excellent previous work on We Are Blackheath.  Check out the website at: www.se3.co.uk and make use of its forums, listings and events facilities.


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