Le Bouchon Roof Terrace Plans Rejected

So, the arrival of Le Bouchon last year did not lead to the ruin of Blackheath as some of the more shrill commentators suggested. It always seems popular, especially on days such as today (a pleasant early summer’s day but this Radical is slaving over this post!), bringing a touch of Parisian chic to our little village. No wonder as even if one does not get a much coveted outside table the cool interior with the big open windows is an escape from the bustle of the village, and it is quite er… cool too.

Owner JP offers a modest gallic je ne sais quoi when we comment on the success of the of the wine bar, but it is clear to us that it has proved itself a fine addition to the village. So successful that JP was able to do up the upstairs front room (the upstairs was used for seating when it was the Curry Garden) to host small gatherings and wine tasting. In addition LB hosts civilised music nights. Note to self: Must get along to one soon. JP also had the idea to convert the roof to a small terrace as the properties above the bookshop, Pizza Express and Giraffe do. It was intended to utilise this for small events but unfortunately the application has been turned down. We Radicals are baffled by concern about noise and people (especially ‘outsiders’), ruining our quaint village and have made the point before, and do so again: if you choose to live in the centre of a busy village you choose to live with the bustle that goes with that. If you don’t like it, move to a quiet side street.

JP has shown with LB that he has created a distinct space that is in keeping with the area and one of the arguments was that the terrace would be “incongruous” to the building and area, despite as we note many on that row have roof gardens that LB merely sought to emulate. But JP has proved his strident critics wrong with Le Bouchon and the best way to support JP and all the good venues in the village is to use them and we Radicals will continue to patronise LB!

And we’ll raise a glass, possibly at a future wine tasting (couple of South West France events in June) to that.

5 thoughts on “Le Bouchon Roof Terrace Plans Rejected

  1. Radicals may be baffled by concerns about disturbance but they don’t live nearby. And please don’t bang on about people CHOOSING to live among the bustle of our [?] “quaint” village. We were here long before you lot were a twinkle – when it was a real community rather than a visitors’ attraction. We realised we had to accept the rise of pavement dining and drinking, even if at times you could no longer hear the telly or get the kids to sleep. We accepted roof terraces without thinking, as they have been a traditional enjoyment by the people WHO LIVE THERE.
    I presume that if someone moved in next door to wherever you live and proposed a business of regular shindigs on the garden patio next to your windows, you would shrug and meekly move away.

    • Not sure we were ever twinkles really – we have our moments, but never very twinkley…

      This is a question of fairness surely? If Giraffe and Pizza Express have roof terraces why not Le Bouchon? And how much disruption can a wine tasting event on a Tuesday evening really cause?

      Agree that the concerns of (fellow) local residents should be heard, but things change. It’s a bit like a long-standing resident from the Isle of Dogs complaining that things are a bit busy these days with offices and the like.

  2. Neither Giraffe nor Pizza Express use the roof terraces. The predecesor to Giraffe was refused permission and the space above PE belongs to the residents above. There is little chance that use of the wine bar terrace would – or could – be limited to Tuesday evening wine tasting. Most long-standing Isle of Dogs residents complained that they were lied to by the LDDC about protecting their homes from excessive redevelopment – as were those around City Airport.

  3. Can the Radicals ask JP and inform us when he was granted planning permission to use the 1st floor at LB for wine bar guests ? On the LB wine bar application amended drawings they show the 1st floor area as a ‘store room’. Would use of this ‘store room’ for wine tasting be in breach of planning permission ? Does the welcome success of LB ground floor, suddenly permit rights to develop and commercially use the 1st floor ?

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