You for sushi?


UPDATE: Just checking through the Lewisham planning website and disappointed to see the application for the proposed sushi restaurant has been refused.  Here’s the refusal letter which gives as the only reason for refusal that it would lead to an “over concentration of non-retail uses in the Blackheath District Centre”.

Hot on the heels of the Council’s refusal to allow Le Bouchon to expand upstairs it’s impossible not to conclude that the NIMBY tendencies so entrenched in the area are on something of a roll.


Just spotted this planning application to turn “Rockit” – the hair salon on Royal Parade – in to a Japanese restaurant.  Sounds like an excellent idea – the Revolt fully approves and can’t wait to go.

Apparently Rockit has not been operating for the past 18 months – something we’d not noticed to be honest (for a long while, this Radical has assumed it was a healthy restaurant of some sort before closer inspection revealed it to be a hair-dressers).  Perhaps the lack of action is related to the arrival of rival fancy salons, including the one that replaced the fishmongers?

Anyway, the new restaurant – if it gets approval – will be called Kitcho, which means ‘good omen’ (don’t cha know?).  From what we can tell it’s not part of a chain.  And the plan according to the application is for it to open seven days a week, noon to 3pm then 5.30pm to 11pm.

The village will benefit from a sushi bar (we certainly don’t need any more hairdressers) and the success of Le Bouchon bodes well for what looks like it will be another specialist food establishment.  We can’t wait and will keep a close eye out for Lewisham Council’s decision.



4 thoughts on “You for sushi?

  1. Just for the record it seems as though this wouldn’t be allowed because of some daft planning rule that doesn’t allow 3 of the same class of establishments (i.e. restaurants) adjacent to one another. So to the right of Rockit are a Taste of Raj and Cau.

    Given that Black Vanilla has been merrily changed to yet another effing hairdressers I think we all have a right to be aggrieved for those of us who actually want some variety beyond chains/Indians/Italians in Blackheath.

    However, given that Start-Rite shoes and Cluttons (hooray) have closed, we now have two shops in Blackheath that could potentially have a change of usage (if they don’t see Oddbins as a Class A type establishment). I think the planners bloody well owe us for this: that is of course if the Japanese restaurant is still interested…

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