Parking mad

We may be massively late on this one, but when did the parking schedule at the station car park change?  And can anyone explain why the pricing structure seems so crazy on Saturday and Sunday?

Will that be 15 or 1,440 minutes?

Will that be 15 or 1,440 minutes?

What sense is there in offering only two options at a weekend?  15 minutes for 50 pence or 24 hours for £5.50.  Not increments of 15 minutes – you can either pay for a whole day or pay for the time it takes to get a newspaper from the station shop and, if you’re quick, a bag of chips from the chippie!

Seriously – does it make sense to anyone else?  The collective wit and brain-power of your Radicals couldn’t figure it out, whilst standing around the ticket machine for a good 10 minutes (it didn’t help that paying with a card is also far from straight-forward).

No doubt local businesses would also have something to say about the weekday prices (which feel a tad steep) but we were particularly struck by the weekend schedule.  It also occurred, though there are plenty of signs to try to prevent this, that it’d be quite possible to pay for 24 hours on a Saturday afternoon, decided to ruddy well use the whole period, but in a hurry park in a space used for the Farmers’ Market the following day.

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