FullSizeRenderThough it’s been open again following refurbishment for over a week last night saw the official re-opening party at the Princess of Wales. Having written on the refurbishment, a full compliment of Radicals were very glad to accept the invitation and to take a peak at what had changed inside (on the outside, we’ve said before how pleased we are with the new sign, and the Farrow and Ball yellow paint is perfectly decent).

So what’s changed? Broadly speaking it’s very much the same Princess of Wales that readers will be familiar with; for example the handsome ‘front bar’ is the same with the fine mirrors and nice wood work. But in the midst of the rather busy party we noted the following changes:

  • what looks like a new conservatory at the rear – same size, but new roof/windows/doors.  Quite cosy – will be interesting to see how it performs in summer (the previous conservatory had more glass, including in the roof).
  • to fill it, a new set of tables and chairs (arranged in a much better way than previously) and a clever glass/wood panel to separate the bulk of the conservatory from the door to the beer garden which reduces the draft.
  • the paint-work is a satisfyingly dark green, affording a cosy feel to the place.
  • new booth style tables/chairs along the wall long-wall to the right of the building, again a better use of space.
  • along the same wall an impressive collection of pictures featuring past Princesses of Wales (which prompted a long discussion about the status of the arguably the most famous holder of that title – we’ll leave it there).

Overall a decent refurb, nothing major but what has changed has been well done. One point of interest – there seems to have been a bit of a buying spree of tea-cups which can now be found teetering on the edge of many surfaces in the Princess. You’ve been warned.

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