Once again there seems to be a good deal of churn amongst Blackheath’s retail space.  Of course change is inevitable and the village has seen plenty of it recently, as we’ve documented, and coped perfectly well.  But the start of 2015 has heralded some changes that even your deeply unsentimental Radicals regard as being rather sad.

First off, Coquilage – the fishmongers – is no more.  To be replaced by a hairdressers (‘Aiko’).

FullSizeRender 4









Real shame this – it was so nice having Coquilage on the doorstep and really added to the ‘village’ feel of the place.  Clearly not enough people felt so, or perhaps they did but just didn’t buy enough fish, and so it’s gone.  That’s supply and demand for you folks.

Across the road to Fenners, the fruit and veg store.  Now this really was a village stalwart with a big selection of produce and friendly/helpful staff.  But, as of 30th January, it’s closed.

FullSizeRender 2









In the meantime, if you need some scales or a cash register get over there!










The good news is that apparently the space is to remain a green grocers, just under different ownership.

Finally, a few doors down, and Spirited Wines (previously a Nicholas’s), is already gone and looks as though it’s well on the way to being converted/refurbished.  There’s still Oddbins across the road (phew!) but what will become of this space?

FullSizeRender 3









Perhaps it’s just a refresh an Spirited will be back soon.  Seems to be the time of year for a cheeky facelift.  Right now though it’s time for a sit down.

2 thoughts on “GOING… GOING… GONE?

  1. In truth there hasn’t been a “village feel” to Blackheath for a while. It is comprised of chains: Strada, Giraffe, CAU, Pizza Express, café rouge, Jigsaw, with the others neatly split between hairdressers and estate agents. Pretty much the same sort of outlets as any middling high street the length of the land.

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