Though probably not our favourite village pub, we Radicals are quite fond of the Princess of Wales.  In the summer especially it’s a very pleasant option for a pint or two of a Friday evening.  And the beer garden to the rear is probably the best around.

The Princess is currently being refurbished and due to re-open in early February.  Which, as it happens, coincides with the end of one Radical’s self-imposed, and much derided, ‘dryannuary’.  So, roll on February!

For those who haven’t seen it, the Design and Access Statement associated with the (two) planning application(s) for the refurbishment gives a good indication of what will change.  From a quick glance it looks like  a pretty straight forward sprucing-up of the place on the inside and a face-lift on the outside (with the main exterior colour changing from a pale blue to “Farrow and Ball ‘Yellow Ground'”).

One thing that did stand out was the design of the new sign for the heath.  Though not to everyone’s taste the current sign and its rather wonky post is quite jaunty.  The proposed sign not only has an annoying mix of RAndOm UPPER and lower cASE lettering but also a disturbingly straight post.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 21.31.59

(c) PembrookDesign:


Perhaps it’s the lack of booze, but surely having a wonky sign post is a far better demonstration of ‘quirkiness’ than inexplicable lettering?  Oh yes, this stuff matters….


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