Dinner with Ruby and Norm (and a stuffed flamingo)

Well, at Ruby & Norm anyway, and there may well be flamingo. The little gem (geddit?!) on Lee High Road (no. 266) that sells plenty of things you didn’t realise you wanted as well as serving lunches, brunches, tea & coffee, is branching out in to dinners. Oh, and it has a gallery. The Revolt likes it and as noted in a previous post it is a great escape from the over crowding in the village coffee shops.Ruby&Norm

The pop-up dinner is a quite exclusive event over two nights, 14 and 15 November, at £30 a head. Info is here and on facetube. Dinner is not just dinner and should be a little different from the normal (you’re fired, ed).  The evenings are titled ‘Get Stuffed’ and there will be a display of taxidermy (ethically sourced). Further disappointment for the Radicals as one of our number does own a stuffed squirrel.

Guest chef Angie Ma will be serving up Crispy fried gorgonzola and thyme olives to nibble on and homemade honey cornbread stuffed with jalapenos, aubergine stuffed with Persian rice, spiced lamb, coriander and pomegranate for the starter. The main is slow cooked pork and dessert rounds things off with cardamom brandy snaps. Vegetarian dishes can be requested when you book,

Well, actually the evening is rounded off with cabaret. Disappointingly the Revolt had not realised a few dinners have been held before and the Radicals cannot make it this time either. Next time… At the time of writing only a few tickets were remaining so get in their fast if you want to go.  Email: rubyandnorm@gmail.com


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