Blackheath quiz nights: (1) The Railway

Say what you see:

     d’ Gracious d’

No, go on – say what you see.  The first person to give the correct answer in comments ‘wins’!  It took a little while but eventually the poet-philosopher Radical got it.


And so it was, last Thursday, that the full set of Radicals, plus friends old and new, found their way to The Railway for its weekly quiz.  For those who don’t know, here is the schedule of quiz nights in the village, as at the time of  writing; we hope to get to each of them over the coming months and to give you a blow by blow account.

Blackheath village quiz scheduled 

Tuesday – Princess of Wales

Thursday – The Railway

Sunday – Hare and Billet

Sunday – The Crown

(please do let us know if any of this is incorrect of if we’ve missed anything – for example, does O’Neil’s have a quiz night?)

So, back to Thursday and The Railway.   We had little idea in advance what type of quiz was about to unfold and as a consequence spent part of the build up swotting up on our known areas of weakness – specifically sport.  Between us we learnt something about darts (now forgotten) and something else about football (also now forgotten).  After a while we did manage to recall which teams took part in the year’s (was this year?) World Football Cup.  Thankfully sport hardly featured!

First came the picture sheet, a mixture of guess-who pictures (“Is that a young Eddie Murphy?” It was), cryptic word puzzles (see above) and places/logos.  We did pretty well and the consensus was that they were a fun part of the quiz – comprising nine out of 40 questions.

The majority of the rest of the quiz was a mixture of questions spanning pop music (we were foiled by a lack of knowledge of Florence and the Machines), geography (which two capital cities in Europe are closet together?), history, politics, television and an anagram (of DEPOSED).   The questions were well paced and easy to hear – the bulk of the teams (around nine in total) were sat in the raised area to the left as you enter.

Scores were marked by other teams at half and full time.  There were also two ‘free drink questions’ – one of which was secured by our team and delivered to the table (nice touch).

Right – how did Team Revolt do?   We came second, missing out on top spot by 1/2 a point.  We would have won but for a one point deduction for having an extra team member over the six maximum; a very fair deduction in our view.  Not a bad effort for our first quiz, though coming top would have been nice.

It was slightly surprising to see that once the results were announced pretty much everyone left – including ‘the Penises’ who deserve a special mention for coming last but giving it their all anyway.  Keep it up lads!  Pun intended.

Thanks to The Railway who put on a very entertaining evening which we will definitely do again.  But where next?  Which is your favourite quiz night in the village or surrounding area?  Let us know and we may see you there.  Until then, Uvavu!




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