After what seems like an age the OnBlackheath music and food festival is finally about to happen – you’ve no doubt noticed the tents and stage that have gone up this week. We Radicals are very excited and shall be there on both days jigging away with the best of them (if jigging is the right term for such events (it’s not. Ed.)).

In advance, OB have released the running order for the event:

Click to access print-at-home-map.pdf

It’s highly likely we will spend a good deal of time in the food village and plan to take lunch on Sunday with Gizzi Erskine. And the late announcement that Jarvis Coker will be there is particularly exciting and pretty much doubles now the proportion of performers we’ve actualy heard of!

So, to all those planning to go we hope you have a great time (and are not too disturbed by the sight of two malcoordinated figures ‘jigging’ insensibly).

And to fellow residents who are not attending we really do hope the event is not as disruptive as we know many fear.  With that in mind, the Blackheath Society have asked to publicise a survey that they are carrying out on the impact of the event.

The link is http://bit.ly/1whfcrt

And here is the QR code:


The survey opens on Sunday once the festival is finished, at which point it will also appear on the Blackheath Society’s website (www.blackheath.org) and will be open until the end of the month (responses after this or before it opens will not count). Respondents can answer as many of the questions as they wish but must include their full postcode. The Society’s intention is to feed the findings into Lewisham Council’s planned post event evaluation.

We actually think this is a very useful and positive thing for the Society to be doing. Clearly the more responses the more rounded and representative the results will be so please do consider completing it.

Right, back to festival preparations; as the weather forecast is pretty decent the wellington boots may not be necessary but the glow sticks are ready and waiting. Whoop whoop!



2 thoughts on “OnBlackheath

  1. Confidence in the organisers’ promise that this will be a heavily stewarded “family friendly” event confined within the Stalag-like fences has been somewhat deflated by the [probably illegal] barrier thrown up around the H&B pond. Surely they can’t be anticipating problems so far from the event? There is obviously no possibilty of crowds swelling the event limit by gathering outside the site for a free booze-fuelled party? Heavens forfend.

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