On the Waterfront

You may be under the impression the Radicals’ leisure time is spent mostly drinking wine and listening to cricket, and while you would be right, there is also time for a bit of sporting activity. This means a visit to the Waterfront Leisure Centre in Woolwich.
It is conveniently located a short walk from Woolwich centre, right next to one of the nodes of the Woolwich foot tunnel, on a number of bus routes and with a sizeable car park. The centre has recently undergone a refurbishment to its reception, which seemed to have the concomitant effect of standardising the previously arbitrary prices.
The Radicals and chums enjoy a weekly game of squash on one of the four decent courts. Courts are generally available except at peak times and each session lasts forty minutes. There is also a league to join for those who want some organised competition.
The swimming facilities cater for a range of desires; with a large fun pool with a wave machine and flume, a separate water slide, a children’s pool and standard twenty five metre pool. One narking element is that in the evening there can be one or two children’s lessons in the standard pool, while this is all well and good, it does mean that the adults are crowded in to the two remaining lanes, which given the mix of abilities can make things awkward. As the price doubles in the evening for none members, this can mean effectively paying more for worse facilities.
There is a large, well equipped gym with cardio and weights machines in abundance and for those wanting to pump more serious iron, there is also a traditional weights gym.
The facilities continue with a five-a-side football/badminton area and two sizable rooms that hold a variety of exercise classes from bouncing on an inflatable ball to ju jitsu. There are also facilities for functions on site e.g. birthday parties. If after all the exercise a little food is required there is a small canteen on site and also two cafes the Star and First Choice just across the road.
There are rumblings of moving the leisure centre to a more central location off the Woolwich town square (http://www.royalgreenwich.gov.uk/news/article/291/new_woolwich_town_centre_leisure_centre_plans_revealed), while The Radicals are all in favour of change (and this would no doubt make room for some desperately needed ‘luxury’ flats). The Radicals hope that the facilities on offer are not sacrificed for a grand vision of a new improved Woolwich.

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