Pint or two in a brewery


So it was that last Saturday your Radicals headed to Woolwich to do one of the things we enjoy the most: drink beer. And what better place to drink beer than in a brewery? Okay, Copacabana beach maybe; the first day of an Ashes Test Match at Lord’s perhaps; O’Neill’s….

Hop Stuff Brewery is based at Royal Arsenal, Woolwich and was founded last year thanks to a crowd funding exercise. Though the setting is what you would expect from the outside for an urban business park, inside the brewery is a really cool mix of manufacturing complex and New York style loft apartment. And what a great idea to take advantage of the upstairs space to install a small bar, a couple of sofas, a table football, and to serve the beers that are brewed downstairs.


Now we’ve had the pleasure of sampling Hop Stuff on a couple of occasions before (beer festival: one and two) and have always been impressed. So it was great to be able to see where the Stuff is made (geddit) and to talk to the guys behind the enterprise. We were also able to try the Arsenal Pale Ale (APA) which was really refreshing (ABV 3.8%) with a fruity aftertaste. A good summer session ale.


For local beer fans it really is great to be able to drink at HSB . At the moment they’re open one Friday evening (18.00-10.30) and Saturday afternoon (11.00-15.00) each month, though we understand this may be extended. There was a reasonable crowd there when we popped down and apparently the Friday before was very well attended. No surprise really – be foolish to miss out on a pint up(stairs) in a brewery wouldn’t it?





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