Do Do Coffee!

It is a bit beyond the Revolt’s area of interest but we Radicals can’t ignore the newly opened Archie Parker coffee shop in Forest Hill (@thearchieparker Why, I hear our dear readers ask? Blackheath might get the beach, pop-up art gallery, Model Market, OnBlackheath etc. this summer but it was with great excitement that we heard that comedian Simon Hickson from Trevor and Simon fame (Going Live, Live and Kicking etc. in the 80’s and 90’s – and still involved in tv today) had opened this coffee shop. We have fond memories of swinging our pants at school discos and even have a homage to the dry cleaner’s sketch on our website – ‘Don’t do duvets’ always springs to mind when thinking about NIMBY’s! If you are not familiar with the time when children’s comedy on tv was anarchic and actually funny then check out youtube for a good laugh. There is a great temptation to walk in with a duvet…


Coffee with Kylie?

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