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Perhaps it’s the warm weather. Perhaps it’s the joy of listening to a Lords test match on Test Match Special. Whatever the cause, a strange mood has taken hold at Radical Towers. Yes, your Radicals are feeling collaborative (normally we don’t mix well with others) and this feeling extends to those tireless folks at the Blackheath Society…

But first let’s take a pause and reflect on what a great few months it’s been for the area and look ahead to what promises to be more of the same. For us at least it feels like the village and surrounding area is on a roll, with;

– the Model Market proving a massive hit in Lewisham;

– the village having its very own beach  at the back of the Conservatoire;

– a very successful debut by local wine bar Le Bouchon;

– Sunday’s re-opening of the Severndroog Castle;

Charlton Lido fully functioning and offering the prospect of early morning open-air dips;

– two outdoor cinemas nearby; and

– the mind-blowing thought that shortly Grace Jones may be hula-hooping on a stage at the OnBlackheath festival!

And not doubt much more beside.  It really is an area on the up and the enthusiasm of those who live and work here is palpable.  Well, almost everyone.

And so it is we return to the Blackheath Society and their latest newsletter.  Now, the Radical view of the Society has been set out before.  And, though it’s highly doubtful they have a view on this little old blog, and rightly so, but if they did it would presumably be similarly praiseworthy.  Which is as it should be.

But even by their own standards, the grudging, surly, seething tone of the latest BS newsletter – specifically the main article covering the OnBlackheath Festival – is something to behold.  Forget about the noise level of the concert, the sound of grinding teeth as that article was written must have been deafening!   If ever an article failed to capture the prevailing mood of an area it is this one by the Society with its killjoy musings on noise levels and alcohol licenses, not to mention the (highly dubious actually) concerns for the acidic grass!

All that being said – and coming back to funny mood your Radicals are in – there is one part of the Society article with which we can agree.   And that is the call for volunteers to provide information on the Festival, “favourable or unfavourable”.  Well as we’ll be there anyway, with the intention of providing life blogs and tweets, how could we refuse this local call to arms?  So, count us in!

As always, we’ll report what see without fear or favour.  Indeed if there are particular aspects of the event that we can cover, just let us know.  One Radical is something of a national expert on portaloos and so will happily providing a detailed account of how they perform.  And it’s likely we’ll spend some time at the various bars on offer so we can gladly report on 9.30pm deadline for the sale of alcohol (well, perhaps not gladly).

Who knows, this could be the start of a beautiful new relationship…

Source: Greenwich Phantom (www.greenwichphantom.com)

Source: Greenwich Phantom (www.greenwichphantom.com)

4 thoughts on “Radical Society

  1. kainotophobia is the word that springs to mind (obviously!).

    What would be interesting is to actually ask the BS what their future vision of the village is, because thus far they dont seem to have one other than “complain and moan and tut a lot and tallk about how it was much better in the 1950s”. I expect their vision is something akin to the world as imagined by rabid Daily Mail readers.

    • Here we go again. If you bothered to JOIN the society, you might learn something rather than trotting out half-baked assumptions. The hard-working volunteers say they are desperate for new – hopefully young – blood. In fact, you don’t even have to join – just look at the pile of stuff on the web site. Or go to the drop-in session at Age Exchange once a month. In other words ASK what they want. You might realise that BlackSoc has quite clear visions for the Village, none of which involve regression to the Fifties. But the door is open to anyone who wants to provide alternatives. That requires getting stuck in, however, rather than standing on the sidelines cat-calling.

      • We couldn’t agree more with the call the ‘get stuck in’, which is why we make the offer in the post to report on what we find at the festival. As to looking at the ‘pile of stuff’ on the BS website we do in fact link to their website. Pile of stuff is a very apt description. Peace in our time?

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