Good Burgers of Lee High Road

BagOne evening this Radical felt uninspired by the offerings of the fridge and ventured down to newly opened Rox Burger on Lee High Road. It was less than a month ago that the new burger restaurant opened just on the edge of Lewisham (82 Lee High Road to be exact) and the owner advises that business has been sprightly. It may be not what you might expect in Lewisham but if you like the temporary Model Market, Rox Burger is well worth a visit. Inside the restaurant can seat about 14 plus it has a mezzanine level that can be used for small gatherings.

IndoorOn to the food. This Radical’s burger consumption is normally limited to pub food or the BBQ and a burger-focussed restaurant would not normally be first choice. But the simple and welcoming exterior and interior suggested Rox was something a bit different. The menu seems to cover most bases and offers beef or chicken in a variety styles and all in brioche buns. Keeping it simple I went for the Rox Classic (beef, cheese, mayo) with Rox fries (with parmesan and oregano). On ordering I was pleased to hear that the default option is medium rare. I was going for take-away and it took about 5mins. In which time I learnt that the owner is awaiting an alcohol licence and is considering expanding the service to include delivery – I was also offered a glass of water to keep me going (rather quaintly available in recycled jam jars).


The burger was good. Cooked well, not chewy and with just the right amount of cheese and mayo. In hindsight the oregano and parmesan on top of the fries was a bit too much for me but might have gone down better with a chicken burger or one without cheese. Although all come with cheese the menu will be changing soon and as the burgers are made to order it would be possible to ask for one without cheese.

This start-up is a great addition to the area and worth popping down to sit in or take-away (not really that far if you live south of Blackheath village). If you were not feeling peckish, here’s a picture of the food:

Burger & fries

One thought on “Good Burgers of Lee High Road

  1. Went there today with my 3 kids – great little place with fantastic food and a great feel to it. Just the kind of place Lewisham needs – already a bit of a vibe about the place and people talking about it. Top quality food

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