Under the Arsenal

If you happen to need to get from Woolwich to North Woolwich and don’t have the sea legs to take the ferry then you will be delighted to learn that the Woolwich foot tunnel has reopened! If you ever venture over to Woolwich or use the ferry you will have noticed that for the past few years the foot tunnel entrances have been covered in scaffolding but as you can see the work has finally finished and the tunnel will be open 24/7. So now you can take the stairs or the lift and take a walk under the Thames.

tunnel Dating back to 1912 the tunnel required quite a bit of work to improve drainage and stem leaks as well as upgrade the lifts. It was supposed to have a system installed to allow for the use of mobile phones although as yet the Radicals have not tested this.

Since this Radical’s mind is on Woolwich it is worth a quick round up of events. Some consternation that the M&S is due to close and the ‘Firepower’ museum is also under threat. Entry is not expensive (£12.50 for a family ticket) and it makes for a good day out. After visiting you can pop to the Dial Arch pub (or just go straight there!) within the redeveloped arsenal. A good Youngs pub with plenty of space, decent food, and events including live music. It also often features beer from the excellent Hop Stuff brewery just down the road.

2 thoughts on “Under the Arsenal

  1. Also of note for Woolwich is last night’s decision by the council’s planning board to approve the application to demolish the Woolwich Grand theatre. A short-sighted decision at odds with the council’s own Masterplan for the area, and plans to promote Woolwich as a ‘cultural quarter’.

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