The Rum (in Lewisham) Diary

We Radicals had a tremendous evening on Fri 20 June at the Street Feast Model Market in Lewisham. Full details of this event are in a previous post but to update the first night was such a success that the organisers have decided to open from 17:00 instead of 18:00. Check out our twitter feed @blackheathrev for the live commentary from the night!

The Radicals bowled up just before 19:00 and there were already several hundred people there (some 1,500 people passed through before 22:00) and organisers managed the numbers well – it felt busy and fun but not too crowded. A queue to get in grew as the night wore on so we advise get there early and remember it is open every Friday and Saturday until 27 September!

Model Market by NightWhere to start? As the Radicals did at the first bar we came across and a pint of Meantime London Pale (£4.50). Went down rather well and after a wander around we found a decent perch at the main bar where we could take in the views and vibe. Our biggest problem to begin with was where to eat. Malaysian or Mexican, pork or beef, Taco, New Orleans, hot dog, Italian, Indian… You will no doubt appreciate the dilemma. One Radical went for a rather large cheesy hotdog from Dog Town and the other a pork bun from Yum Bun. Washed down with Fuller’s Frontier craft lager (£4.50) from the main bar. Winyl was the next stop for refreshment as the daylight faded and really helpful and knowledgeable staff recommended the Reisling (£5 a glass, £25 a bottle). The bar also takes the visitor closer to the DJ as the decks are built in to the bar! The mix of chilled out and some dancey hip-hop beats (do you know what you are talking about, Ed?) was not intrusive and only aided the atmosphere. Even the local rozzers who popped in looked chilled out! On top of that it was a fine and mild summer evening (jackets or jumpers would be advised if staying late though), but we reckoned there was enough indoor space and cover should it be a bit wet.Malaysian brioche

With the fires going more food was needed and this time we patronised Breddo tacos and Sambol Shiok (Malaysian food in brioche rolls). Again, all very good. It is also worth noting here that it may look as though there are big queues for food but we found they moved quickly and as the food was being cooked to order people were happily waiting by the stand. With the relaxed vibe even this Radical felt compelled to make small talk with fellow diners waiting for their order (excitement build as the order numbers crept towards mine!). Everyone was enjoying themselves and the friendly atmosphere did bring out the peculiarly British trait of a sudden loss of inhibition and urge to chat with strangers having the same experience! Old friends were meeting up and new friends were being made. Even the security chaps were not the usual officious types – they happily chatted to people and let the evening take its course.

Fire drumWhite rioja, a bottle of birra moretti, and possibly a few more pints later (rum, cocktails and more was also on offer!), and your Radicals were still at their perch and reflected on what we had experienced: great food and drink, fantastic atmosphere; an official photographer with fine boots and Cuban heels whose Jack Kerouac/Hunter S Thompson look fitted in well; a chap wearing traditional African(?) headwear; and a rather energetic dancer who inspired others to dance (yes, we Radicals possibly stepped on to the dance floor after midnight…) and who even triggered a ‘dance-off’ (video here). Who’d have though that would happen in Lewisham?!

This was only going to be short post to strongly recommend going over the summer but there was much to enthuse about. The Radicals are already planning the next visit!



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