Book shop remains – – Right Angle to close; really this time!

Good news! The Bookshop on the Heath is to remain as a bookstore


This really is a great asset to the village – only the other day your Radical was stomping round the mean streets of Athens with a 1950s guide book to the city in hand, courtesy of the Bookshop. Much better than your Lonely Planet guide.

So all the best to new owner David Wilson, who was hard at work when your Radical paid a visit earlier today and good luck as well to the previous owners, who are moving on to run a hotel.

But as one village stalwart is set to stay, another – Right Angle – looks like it is closing down. After numerous threats to do so in the past.


There was a certain existence value to knowing that Right Angle was there. And at the same time it was hard to imagine ever actually buying something from there.

As with the replacement for India Jane, it will be interesting to see what replaces Right Angle when it finally closes. In the meantime – posh lamp lovers should get down their fast as it’s 50% off.

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