Raffles the restaurant?



UPDATE:  the Council has responded to confirm the lawful development application to a restaurant (2nd June).  Note though that associated alterations etc. will require planning applications where relevant and that the change of use is for two years

So, what can we expect from Raffles the restaurant?


Now here’s an interesting thing – an application for a lawful development use at Radical favourite outfitter, Raffles.  The application is to change use to a restaurant.

On the one hand this, if it goes ahead, is a bit of a shame as Raffles is a great option for the smart casual outfit for a weekend away.  That said, we do now have the excellent Simon Carter.  And, if nothing else, we Radicals are pro the village evolving in a way that meets changing demands: it would be just the latest in a large number of recent changes as we have documented here and here, the bulk of which have been for the better in our opinion.

So what do people think?  @GoCaineandable – any updates on plans?

Oh, and while we’re at it, anyone got any intel on what will be taking the place of India Jane?  @IndiaJaneLondon – anything you can tell us?

8 thoughts on “Raffles the restaurant?

  1. Wedge. End. Thin.
    Wonder what the large number of people living upstairs will think? And does it matter as long as trendies have another place to splash their cash? [Recession? What recession?]

  2. But what will replace that foodie icon Handmade Foods? I presume from the “To Let” board that it is on the move.

  3. I would appreciate a guide through this convoluted logic. If Hand Made has won permission for change of use to upper floors as an extension, why should it then seek to let that space? More likely, having crept through planning loopholes by adding tables inside and outside, converting an A! [shop] to effective A3 [restaurant] it has now enhanced value with A3 use upstairs. That suggests a re-let as a restaurant while the operators head off to pusue their main profit-centre [outside catering] from premises with more substantial kitchens.
    .And Revolting Blackeathens yet again show how unimportant they consider those who LIVE in the village when salivating about upward extensions which will be a thin wall away from people’s homes.

  4. That’s why I brought up Raffles. The planning loophole of temporary use is frightening enough for the many residents who appear invisible to those who visit for a meal and glass of some obscure wine [or seven]. Look up visitors. There are real people living up there. And to make things worse, since the Raffles case emerged, the government has slipped out a consultation paper which proposes any shop or office can convert to a restaurant without troubling planners.

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