The good Burg(h)ers of Blackheath?


Burger me!

Burger me!

A quick post to report on a trip a few Saturday’s ago to The Railway to check out Ruby Jean’s Diner and its much hyped burgers.

Now, the Radicals are mahoosive (translation ‘rather big’) fans of all things USA, including its cuisine.  Indeed, we enjoyed a memorable pre-game burger and beer with a bunch of Giants fans on the docks at San Francisco before witnessing their team get thrashed (at baseball in case you didn’t know).  So it was with some anticipation that this Radical ventured to the Railway for a slice of Americana in the heart of the village.

Sadly the reality did not quite match expectations.  Though perfectly respectable, the burger was nothing special.  A tad bland and lacking in juiciness, with some under-toasted baps and salad.  The chips (note, not ‘fries’) were though very nice and there were lots of them.  And the system of ‘making’ your own burger is a lot of fun, with near endless opportunities for combinations of sauces and extras.

It’s probably a good sign that Ruby Jean’s has chosen to locate in one of the Blackheah pubs.  But overall, for this Radicsl at least, it’s a far cry from the real deal back on the ‘Frisco Bay.

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