Everyone’s an trA citirC

As reported in the post on the Blackheath Assembly, part of the Lewisham station redevelopment  includes a Premier Inn. The planning permission requires a piece of public art (paid for by the developer) under the railway bridge.

mahsiwel artThe proposed piece of art (Conceptual Art Proposal) is an LED sign that reads ‘mahsiweL’. What, I hear you ask, is it all about? Well, it is Lewisham spelt backwards! Apparently this reflects the changing ethnic make-up of Lewisham by suggesting different languages and ethnicities. Which ones speak English backwards is unclear. It seems a bit lazy to us and the point may be lost on some. Why not spell Lewisham normally? The requirement was for a “large piece of public art comprising a coloured lightbox” so options are admittedly limited and it will be impossible to please everyone.

If it is all a bit neo-dada to you there is an online survey open until 05 May for comments: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/78B2D6F. It is not obvious what will come from the results but the Council is canvassing opinions.

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