The Station

The Radicals are sure most will have now noticed and possibly used the station improvements. Still, worth a quick post to let you know we approve!

BKH Ticket Hall

In the ticket hall, quite possibly inadvertently, there is a hint of scandewegian chic to the colour scheme and space. We rather like the metal detail under ticket office windows.

All a far cry from the disaster more hysterical reports suggested it would be when the plans came out – remember the furore about the shutters that were never planned which would instantly be covered in graffiti?

The waiting room is similarly simple yet pleasing on the eye. A pleasant surprise that a feature has been made of the fireplace rather than just ripping it out or covering it up. Now, all we need is for the newsagents to return (hopefully soon?) and (don’t hold your breath) for Southeastern to improve…

BKH Waiting Room

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