New Wine Bar, Old W(h)ines – Exclusive!

So, what is happening with the new wine bar, Le Bouchon, that is due to replace the Curry Garden? Regular visitors to our blog (it is rather good you know) will have seen the owner Jean Philippe’s responses to an earlier post about this exciting new venture in the village. Others will have no doubt been curious about the work taking place. Check out the plan: Floor Plan. Le Bouchon is an independent venture that promises good wine and food. Terroirs (near Charing Cross station) is a target Jean-Philippe is ambitiously aiming for!

Of course, this wouldn’t be Blackheath without objections. Four in total. That means the proposals will need to go to the planning committee. Jean-Philippe has spoken to the planning office and is “very confident” the plans will be approved. Why object? Noise is the basis for two of them. Will a civilised wine bar offer any more than close neighbours The Crown, O’Neills’s, Giraffe, Pizza Express? One objection felt there were enough drinking establishments in the village – no wine bars though and before anyone mentions Morden’s, please don’t! The final objection was on the highly contentious location of the door. Sacre bleu, the plan proposed moving the door from the centre to the side. Fortunately Jean-Philippe has come to his senses and the revised plan puts the door back in the centre (see Front Plan). The bad news is that going to committee will delay things and we will have to wait another month or so before the (centrally located) door opens.

Now, back to important matters: the booze. Jean-Philippe reports that he has 200 different wines on his list so far, focussing on what he knows which is mainly French, Italian and Spanish vin. Wine buffs will no doubt recognise some of the offerings but Le Bouchon also promises to provide unknown and surprising wines too. The Radicals are keen wine drinkers but not connoisseurs and are informed that the “must have” wines will be covered such as Chablis, Pouilly, Picpoul, Rioja plus the less well known such as Viré Clessé, St Chinian, Jurançon. Refreshingly Jean-Philippe wants to offer as broad a selection of wines by the glass and carafe as possible – a departure from the many places that provide an extensive list but offer only a limited number in small quantities. Not something that normally troubles the Radicals, but it will allow patrons to try a selection of wines on one evening.

It is disappointing that objections have led to delays but the Radicals eagerly await the opening of Le Bouchon!

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