Devil’s Toothpick

For a small village Blackheath has a diverse selection of restaurants from Argentinian (2) through Indian/Nepalese (4) and yes, a few chains too. We Radicals enjoy the diversity on offer and, in our own selfless way, will endeavour to visit and review all the eateries. There has been some consternation recently that the Curry Garden closed (reducing our number of curry houses) and that its replacement proposed to move the door – yes, in true Blackheath fashion there was an objection! We prefer to be excited about the impending opening of  wine bar Le Bouchon. It is not a chain and owner Jean-Philippe Tessier wants to provide a good selection of wines and foods. Do not worry, we Radicals are willing to sacrifice an evening to review it. In the mean time if you want to know where to go to see Cameron Diaz (er, is this right? Ed) or local councillor Kevin Bonavia, find out where ‘quality is no accident’, or discover why we are not snobby about having a chippy, head to our review page. Points will be awarded for working out the toothpick reference.

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