Ch ch changes (of use)


With speculation about what will replace India Jane at fever-pitch – not to mention the gnashing of teeth about the Curry Garden changing to a wine bar (hopefully) – the Radicals give you their take on the changes of use that have taken place during the time we’ve rampaged through the village.

Our system is simple: we RAG – that’s red/amber/green – each of the changes we’ve seen. The rating is our view on whether the change is for the better, worse or makes no difference.

Some of the judgements are not straight-forward: for example, one good place changing to another good place is marked as amber, such as the switch from Sisters and Daughters to Cook – both, in our view, useful things to have in the village (with the former being a rare stockist of Creed aftershave and the latter a useful source of mid-week meals).   At the same time, a change of use from one average outlet to another, such as the switch from Bella Italia to Giraffe, also receives an amber.

In contrast the change from whatever was there before (can anyone remember?) to local fishmonger Coquillage is undoubtably a positive move and so consequently recieves a green.

Anyway – let us know what you think.  What is your fantasy league of village hereditaments?

Our analysis: Ch Ch Changes (in village)

Ch Ch Changes

7 thoughts on “Ch ch changes (of use)

  1. Personally I miss the DVD shop, dated business model or not. It had the most fantastically eclectic selection of films, both new and old, from around the world. It was staffed by enthusiasts and I always managed to dig up something interesting in there. What’s the alternative? Netflix? It doesn’t come close when the random urge to watch a film kicks in.

    The Tziganos deli looks good, but their restaurant part replaced a fabulous little Sardinian place called Querque. It wasn’t there long, and probably didn’t do well because it didn’t shout its new identity loud enough after it, in turn, replaced a pretty average Italian.

    The Cactus Pit was, let’s be honest, a bit rubbish! Even so, it’s a shame to see another chain come in, particularly when we already have a top-notch Argentinean restaurant almost next door.

  2. Coquillage was a ragbag of stuff in recen t years but for countless decades before that was known as Mrs Coultates’ – the source of sweeties for equally countless kids trooping back and forth to school. This was, of course, when the dark streets of Blackheath were safe for children to roam. Thank goodness for the invention of the Chelsea Tractor, which has protected them from lurking menace. Clogged roads and dangerous parking is a small price to pay.

  3. We are running a small sweepstake on what is coming in to India Jane. In our fantasy life it would be an M and S food or a Waitrose local. A whole London villiage without a good reasonably priced supermaket (yes the butchers and fishmonger is great but its more about breakfast cereal and washing up tabs!)

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