Talking shop

Quite a lot of change in the village at the moment.  Yes, even we Radicals notice these things and actually have rather a lot to say on the topic – so look out for further posts over the next few days.  But for now, let us break it down (whatever that means, Ed.)

Village fish & chip shop

A welcome return following a short break for refurbishment.  We can’t see much sign of refurbishment – except that the window seems to have been replaced having previously had a worryingly large crack running left to right.  But – unlike some – we Radicals are very pleased to see it back serving potato based chips and fish based fish with optional sodium chloride and acetic acid.  Not an organic olive in sight, thank goodness.

India Jane

Next door and it’s a a rather different tale.  After only a few years in business – having taken over the site previously occupied by the village video/DVD shop (yes, such a thing did once exist) – India Jane is closing down.  Purveyor of pricey trinkets and all-round loveliness, this place was never likely to be a natural haunt for your self-respecting Radical, but nonetheless it’s a sad sight to see any business in the village close.

Changes are all of a blur

Changes are all of a blur

It has to be said that at least part of the antipathy we felt towards ol’ Jane was down to her Christmas lights policy.  For some reason, this was the only shop in the village where the lights remaimed off.  La di da!   That is of course until 2013 when they were all off, but that’s another story.

Though not yet closed – and do take advantage of its 30% off closing down sale if you’re in the market for a lovely vase or two – speculation will no doubt turn to what will replace India Jane.  It’s certainly a prime location.  What do you think? Cheese shop anyone?

Curry Garden

Mmm, curry.  Mmm, wine.

Mmm, curry. Mmm, wine.

Lastly to this popular Indian restaurant.  There’s currently a planning application with Lewisham Council to change this in to a wine bar.

Planning application details

Sounds good to us – the village is well served by Indian eateries and arguably rather less so by decent wine bars.  But does anyone know if Le Bouchen is a chain?

Doubtless plenty of non-radicals will complain about ‘yet another’ (sigh) drinking establishment.  But the licensing committee has already agreed to a license on the basis that the current place serves booze.  So what’s the problem?  Feels like a trade up to us – and who knows, it may partly answer the prayers of local olive lovers…

Let us know what you think – this blog is very much open to hearing what people think and indeed, through being at times a tad provocative we hope to generate  discussion.  So, let’s have a heated debate!  Or maybe a nice sit down and pint of mild. 

11 thoughts on “Talking shop

  1. Hi there ! Nice blog I have found here !

    I can give you some exclusive and thrilling news about Le Bouchon :
    – There will be a lot of olives (and some other things like traditional charcuterie and cheese, French dishes…)
    – It is not a chain (I’m literally by myself – help! )
    – There have been few objections (has the entire village turned radical ?!) -4 in total, 2 about noise, 1 about the door not being in the middle (?), 1 about having too many drinking establishments- and Le Bouchon will comply with those (well not the last one really…)

    We should be able to open soon, lets say 3/4 weeks if it all goes smoothly.

    Questions, comments and suggestions are very welcome 🙂

    See you soon.


    ps : I need to understand – why is a crying Frenchman funny ?

  2. I’m really excited about the new wine bar – compared to the miserable and pathetic Mordens (any place with a television and cheap Chilean Merlot cannot be a wine bar) I’m hoping Le Bouchon will be a step up!!!! Please please please please serve decent wine – we need a decent little wine bar here with decent juice and none of this grim nonsense we get from the usual so-called wine bars across this part of London. Maybe something like Terroirs near Charing Cross perchance? Seeing as Blackheath is pretty much 50% French (including my lovely wife) I am hoping a Gallic touch will bring Blackheath a decent place at last!!!

  3. Its good to know some people are waiting for a new wine bar ! Terroirs is an excellent example of what I would like to achieve. I have been there 3 times and it was always perfect. The step is high but we will do our best !


  4. The list would be quite long ^^ (I have 200 different wines on my list so far). I want to stick with the tradition of French wine bars which offer plenty of different wines, from the unknown but surprising organic table wine to the famous and reassuring Bordeaux 1er Cru. I will mainly focus on wines I know (French, Italian, Spanish) but I will also include some “rest of the world” ones. So you may find wines you already know and can be considered as “must have” (Chablis, Pouilly, Picpoul, Rioja …) and also more surprising ones (Viré Clessé, St Chinian, Jurançon…)
    The list will change very often and I will try to have the broadest by the glass/carafe offer I can, as it always frustrates me to see a list of 200 wines and have only 10 I can pick by the glass.

    Again if you have comments/suggestions I am all ears !

  5. Fantastic news. This sounds like it will be an excellent bar – at last – somewhere with something more than cheap £5 plonk sold for 500% markups! This is the kind of bar Blackheath has been crying out for! Well, at least I have – and its yet another excuse to go out and spend more money on booze!! Huzzah! Now I must return to my glass of Pommard 1999! Vive la France!

  6. Unless said Chardonnay is white Burgundy or lovely, steely Chablis! Hmmmm…..what time is a decent time to crack a bottle? I guess 9am is too soon….

  7. I’m very excited too! We have been longing for a decent wine bar for years in the village! Hoorah! JP..I popped an email across to you – do take a look and very much looking forward to a drop of your finest!

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