Sunday roast scrum


Has anyone else noticed how difficult it is to get a table for Sunday lunch in the village?  Not that there’s a lack of options – many of our pubs claim to have the best roast dinner in town – but getting in to places and securing a table is like playing at scrum-half in a frantic game of junior rugby union.

So, first to the Hare.  Which is where the rugby analogy begins.  It was clear after about five seconds that the local under 13s first 15 and their parental units had just descended, complete with pads, mud and no shortage of high-spirits.  Needless to say we left straight away and set course for the Princess.

Rather less busy here but still every table was occupied and a rather crowded scene at the bar.  Shame for us – but great sign for the Princess, and the village more generally.

Finally to the Railway where with a good deal of luck a table was secured and a commendably efficient waiter sealed the deal by taking our drinks orders before returning promptly (no doubt concerned by the ravenous expressions on our faces) to take the food orders.  Before too long this front-row had consumed fish and chips plus roast times three (chicken, beef and nut) with all the trimings.  And jolly nice it was too.

All’s well that ends well – but next time the Radicals will perform a quick Haka on the heath before setting off for a roast.

See Blogheath Boozer for more pub info.

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