Vive La Revolution

The Blackheath Revolt was founded in 2014 by a group of Radicals who between them have fifteen years experience of living in the area.

  • Blackheath – not just the village, but the surrounding area including Lee, Shooters Hill and beyond
  • Revolt – at least part of the reason for this blog’s existence is to act as a modest, somewhat disinterested, counterpoint to the cosy consensus that, as we see it (often after a few sherries), exists at present.

But in the main you should view this blog – and the associated Twitter – as being a Private Eye for the local area.  We aim to offer a:

– random, but regular;

– relevant, but irreverent; and

–  loquacious but not lengthy account of local life.

So, if you want to know which is the best pub in village (and beyond); if, like we Radicals, you think what the village really needs is a cheese shop and more bike racks; and if – like us – there are few things more amusing than a crying Frenchman, then this is the blog for you.

We do not go for style over substance but the webpage style we opted for puts the substance at the bottom of the page, so you will find:

Blackcurrent Affairs – things of note going on in the area;

Blogheath boozer – pubs in the village and (to come) beyond;

Campaigns – the issues that keep us awake at night;

Devil’s Toothpick – we will eat on your behalf. Restaurant reviews will appear here;

Local Goings On – as and when we get info on what’s happening we’ll update (and contact us too);

Modern Manners – navigating the social minefield. Send us your queries!

Tranquil Vale – What irks us in life (the list seems quite long and will almost certainly get longer);

Travels with my Vintage Bicycle – what more to say? Well, quite a lot actually so watch this page;

What Tyler – What you need to know about local history, well some of it at least.

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